Preparation level

Students provided with preparation class for familiarizing them to the syllabus of their Examination. During this period students will get detailed training in the entire subject focused on examination.

Practice Level

After preparation stage, the students will start Intensive training according to their exam pattern. We use computerized online training and in this class students are given training used on numerous questions prepared from updated books and journals. Students have to answer these questions themselves and get improved in exam contest. Students who are unable to give answer or find answers will get additional training and advice and thus they become qualified for exam. Candidates will have model tests every day similar to their final exam. Students are given correction and assessment after their test and provided care and attention on modules they find difficult. Once the candidates obtain a required score that is stable during all the tests, the trainer will advise him/her to apply for the exam. Others will be retained till they improve their performance.

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Nidhin's RN Training

Nidhin’s RN Training is crash course provider in India. It is one of the best crash course provider in Kottayam, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We specialize in crash course for DHA, HAAD, MOH, Prometric, NCLEX, CBT, Aptitude for Nurses.

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